Your Guitar or Your Saddle

by Jennifer Jean Smith

Released 2015
Michigan Rose Records
Released 2015
Michigan Rose Records
Lyric driven story songs sung in a haunting country tinged voice.
  • 02:22 Story Lyrics Your Guitar or Your Saddle

    Your Guitar Or Your Saddle
    Words and Music by Jennifer Jean Smith

    You can stash your dream away up on some shelf
    Try and tell yourself that it don’t matter
    But dreams will hunt you down
    Long after everyone’s left town
    So don’t you ever sell your guitar or your saddle

    Lovers come and go like lovers will
    You can’t always win that battle
    A stretch of lonesome might seem long
    But the ride and song go on
    So don’t you ever sell your guitar or your saddle

    There are things in life that cannot be replaced
    They make us who we are it’s how we leave a trace
    Broken hearts oh hell just leave them to the past
    Hold on to a few good things that last

    Pick up your reins and just keep moving on
    Travel light take only what you have to
    The road can’t steer you wrong
    If you know where you belong
    So don’t ever sell your guitar or your saddle

    Don’t you ever sell your guitar or your saddle


    ©Jennifer Jean Smith (ASCAP)


This song was a lifetime coming. We were fortunate to get to ride horses growing up. As each of us went off to college we sold our saddles. When my younger sister went to college I told her, "Don't sell your saddles. You will never get what they are worth and you will never be able to replace them". While my younger sister was in college we still had one horse left to sell so I rode the horse for my parents and used my sister's saddles. From that time on I have been their keeper. They sit on top of my Grandmother's old upright piano. One evening at a songwriting group another writer and I were discussing guitars and how they each seem to have their own songs in them. She said, "Yeah don't ever sell them". I responded, "Yep, never sell your guitar or your saddle". She said, "Oh you've gotta write that song!" I started singing in my car as I often do and had the first verse finished before I got home. It is not a coincidence that I had recently begun riding again after many years. Being around horses and reviving that old skill brought me back to a centered place that had been missing in my life. This song is about holding on to those things that bring us back to that place, our center, where we know who we are. It makes everything else make sense.

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